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SKD Singh

Welcome to the New Standdard Coaching Institute, member of SKD Academia Group Lucknow. The Institute's mission is to be the most trusted and respected trainers to every one who desires to enter the bachelor's degree in leading Medical Colleges of India. The Perception of medical career has grown from curing diseases to identifying the root cause of diseases, the DNA structure, their constituents & right approach to mullify their effects involving technological advancements.

Aspairents For various campetitive Exam should Have right approach , Which according to me is nothing but a mixuture of concentration of mind ,understanding of subject right form school level topics to topics in view of variouse campetetive exmas, pratice of answering question in a limited time , exposure to variouse multiple choice question in all the subjects and most importent of al the performs under prissure etc. the intesity of these steragies may vary form student to student , based on thier aspairetion and apititude level The institute pays more focus of preparing the students in facing exams in practical manner aparts form the Knowledge preparation .

As the selection in vairous collges is based on your entrance examination marks , a slightest mistake sgall end up in a big difference in your ranking, which actually affects your selection in prestigious colleges, this sends a word of caution against wild guessing in examination as the Negative marking system is prevalent time managment is another important strategy to utilized the time effectively. By managing to save at least last 20 minutes for revising the paper to correct any mistakes or mistake if any Moreover selecting the subjects First to attempt will be another factor in time Mangement and finally al the efforts need both physical & mental fitness .

As you see further the insitute shall share its expertise in designing the teaching methodlogies as well as strategies in taking the examination in the brochure .

The success of the institute has been largely due to its teaching experties developed over a period 29 years .our success has always been avident By growing list of our students enrolling in prestigious colleges both in india &across the globe . I reiterate my apprecations, for your decision to jain a cult called "SKD New standerd Coaching Institute "For your campetitive examination traning.

SKD Singh